ARTICLE 1: Name and Objectives ARTICLE 8: Meetings
ARTICLE 2: Membership ARTICLE 9: Election Procedures
ARTICLE 3: Dues and Fees ARTICLE 10: Steering Committee
ARTICLE 4: Expenditures ARTICLE 11: Executive Director
ARTICLE 5: Surplus Funds ARTICLE 12: Hearings, Rulings & Appeals
ARTICLE 6: Board of Control ARTICLE 13: Amendments
ARTICLE 7: Terms of Office SECTION IX: Dissolution Clause





Section 1.

This Association shall be known as the Southern Illinois Junior High School Athletic Association(SIJHSAA).

Section 2.

This Association shall:

(a.) Supervise and regulate all of the interscholastic activities in which its member schools may enter; and

(b.) Perform such other functions related to interscholastic activities as may from time to time be approved and/or adopted by the membership.

(c.) In performance of these functions the objective of the SIJHSAA shall be to protect, encourage, and standardize the athletic interest in schools belonging to this Association.


Section 1.

The SIJHSAA shall consist of all public and parochial elementary schools, middle schools, and junior high schools (K-8) in Illinois that adopt this Constitution and By-Laws. Membership shall continue in the SIJHSAA as long as the annual dues are paid as required and the rules and regulations outlined in the Constitution and By-Laws are strictly observed. It is the perogative of any member school to withdraw from the Association at any time; however, in the event a school does withdraw its membership, there shall be a three(3) year waiting period if it wishes to be re-instated.


The chief administrator of each member school shall designate one(1) JUNIOR HIGH COACH or ATHLETIC DIRECTOR as the eligible voter for that member school. The appointed coach or athletic director must be a full time employee of the school and must hold a certified Illinois teaching certificate.


Section 1.

Dues and fees paid into this Association will be used to cover expenses incurred by the SIJHSAA in the performance of the official business of the Association. Such dues and fees will be paid to the SIJHSAA according to the guidelines established by the Board of Control(BOC). The Executive Director will make an annual accounting of all funds collected and disbursed.

Section 2.

Annual dues and fees shall be determined by the Board of Control and shall be collected from the member schools prior to February 10 each year. Dues and fees are for the calendar year and cover all SIJHSAA sponsored activities from Feb. 10 through Feb. 9 of the following year.

Section 3.

In the event a member school does not submit its dues prior to Jan. 15 and wishes to be re-instated in the SIJHSAA, said school will be eligible for competition upon upon the vote of the Board of Control prior to September 1 of that calendar year. 

 Section 4.

The collection and distribution of receipts from all contests sponsored by the SIJHSAA shall be left to the discretion of the Board of Control.

Section 5.

The SIJHSAA will not be responsible for indebtedness incurred by any person or persons in the name of the Association unless that person constitutes a duly appointed and authorized purchasing agent for the Association.


Section 1.

The Board of Control shall determine all necessary expenditures of money in the conduct of the affairs of the SIJHSAA.

Section 2.

The Board of Control members, special committees, or individuals designated by the Board of Control to transact matters of the Association shall be paid expenses as determined by the Board of Control.


The Board of Control shall receive and hold title to all surplus funds. The Board of Control shall have the authority to invest any/all surplus funds of the Association. Surplus funds shall be registered in the name of the Southern Illinois Junior High School Athletic Association.


The Board of Control shall consist of twenty (20) members. Two members shall be elected from each of the ten (10) Geographical Regions.


Section 1.

Members elected to the Board of Control shall serve a three(3) year term. At the expiration of their term, and if eligible, they may succeed themselves.

Section 2.

Members' terms on the Board of Control of the ten Geographical Regions shall be scheduled so that the terms are staggered as follows: Members' terms from three of the ten Geographical Regions shall expire at the end of the first year; three at the end of the second year; and four at the end of the third year.

Section 3.

The Board of Control shall have the authority to select at large members to serve in an advisory capacity.

Section 4.

The Board of Control shall have the authority to fill any vacancy which may occur by appointing a replacement to complete the term. The appointed member must be from the same Geographical region from which the vacancy occurred.

 Section 5.

The Board of Control shall have the authority to schedule their regular annual spring(March) and fall(October) meetings, as well as special meetings,  as they deem appropriate. 


Section 1.

Special cases, requests, or proposals may be presented by any member school to the Board of Control at its regular scheduled meetings in October and March. Arrangements to appear at these meetings must be made through the Executive Director's office. Attendees appearing for the above purpose(s) shall be responsible for their own expenses.

Section 2.

A quorum, consisting of eleven(11) or more Board members, must be present for all regular and special meetings of the SIJHSAA Board of Control.


Section 1.

The nomination and election of members for the SIJHSAA Board of Control will be held in the Spring of the year for the members whose terms will expire that year. The nomination and election will be conducted by mail vote, electronic vote, or electronic transmission through the Executive Director's Office. Only the designated eligible voter of each member school involved in the election for that year will be allowed to vote.

Section 2.

On or before April 1 of each year the Board of Control shall cause to be mailed, electronically mailed, or electronically transmitted to the designated voter of each member school in the Geographical Region whose Board members' terms will expire that year, a list of schools in his/her Geographic Region, the names of the incumbents, and a request for nominations for members of the Board of Control.

The eligible voter of each school may nominate from his/her Geographical Region one coach or athletic director.  THE NOMINEES MUST BE FULL-TIME, CERTIFIED EMPLOYEES of the school district. These nominees then must be submitted to the Executive Director's office, and received by the Executive Director's Office no later than April 14 of each calendar year to be considered.

Section 3.

All nominees for the two BOC seats for each region will be put on a ballot for election.  The two highest vote getters will be declared seat winners.

When only two candidates are nominated, the Board of Control shall forego the formality of an election for that particular BOC position and said candidate shall be declared the winner.

In the event no candidate is elected for a particular BOC position, the Board of Control shall appoint a qualified individual to fill the particular vacancy for which no one was nominated.

Section 4.

No later than April 25 each year, a ballot containing the names of the nominated candidates for the Board of Control will be mailed, emailed, or electronically transmitted to the schools in the respective Geographical Regions. The eligible voters in those regions shall vote for two candidates to represent sports for their Geographic Region. These ballots must be returned to the Executive Director's Office , and received by the Executive Director's Office no later than May 10 of each calendar year to be considered.

Section 5.

The Executive Director and the Steering Committee will tabulate the votes. The two candidate who receive the most votes in each Geographical Region shall be elected to the Board of Control. In case of a tie, the Steering Committee shall determine the winner by lot.

In the event that only one member is nominated for a particular position, in a Geographical Region, there will be no vote, and the lone nominee shall be approved by the Executive Director without the necessity of a vote through the ballot process.

Section 6.

The newly elected members of the Board of Control shall begin their terms on July 1 of the calendar year in which they were elected.

Section 7.

The officers of the Board of Control shall be: President, Vice-President, and Secretary. The officers' terms of office shall be for three years and they shall have voting privileges.


Section 1.

A steering Committee shall be appointed by the BOC and/or the Executive Director. This committee shall meet regularly in October and March each year(one week prior the the regular BOC meetings) and other times as deemed necessary.

Section 2.

The Steering Committee shall serve in an advisory capacity to the BOC and shall perform other functions as directed and given authority by the BOC.

Section 3.

A full report of any action taken by any committee shall be kept in the files of the Executive Director of the SIJHSAA.


Section 1. 

The Board of Control shall employ an Executive Director to manage the affairs of the Association. The BOC shall provide office facilities for the Director by rental, purchase, or other means. The employment of the Executive Director shall be for three years. If notice of termination is not given prior to April 1 of each year of contract, the contract shall be extended an additional year.

Section 2.


The Executive Director shall:

Uphold the Constitution and By Laws of the Southern Illinois Junior High School Athletic Association(SIJHSAA).

Keep on file the minutes of all meetings of the Board of Control and the Steering Committee.  Mail or electronically mail the Board of Control meeting minutes to all member schools, as well as to all individuals serving as an elected or appointed SIJHSAA official.

Supervise the updating of the Constitution, the By Laws, and the Sports Calendar, all of which are posted in the Asociation's website.

Prepare and mail or electronically mail sports and By Laws information to the membership, the Board of Control, and the Steering Committee following the Spring and Fall meetings of the Board of Control, and as necessary during the remainder of the year.

Collect and record all membership dues and fees each calendar year, and do likewise with all additional income and monies.  Prepare, or have prepared by a CPA, and file with the appropriate entities the Quarterly Reports.  Do likewise with the annual Income Tax Report and do these items in a timely fashion.

Keep a record of all SIJHSAA finances and make that record available to all Board of Control members and Steering Committee members at all times.

Conduct and supervise all banking duties of the SIJHSAA Office.

Conduct and supervise all secretarial duties of the SIJHSAA Office.

Work closely, as needs arise, with legal counsel representing the SIJHSAA.

Make investigations into all SIJHSAA individual matters concerning eligibility, protests, or By Laws or rules.  Upon completion of such investigations, the Executive Director has the authority to make rulings concerning the matter, or he may elect to share his findings with the Board of Control and/or the Steering Committee and may ask for their input into the matter.

Assist in the filing of all appeals of decisions and rulings of the Board of Control and Steering Committee, the Constitution, and the By Laws of the Association.

Perform all other duties necessary in relationship to the SIJHSAA, its governing body, or its office.




Section 1.

The Executive Director shall have the authority to decide all matters concerning eligibility and protests.  Such protests and complaints, as well as suggestions, must be filed with the Executive Director by an administrator of a member school.

Section 2.

It shall be the duty and obligation of the Executive Director to examine the facts of each case, either through formal investigation, or by a review of information submitted by an administrator of the school(s) involved before ruling thereon.

Section 3.

In the even a student, parent, guardian, school, or individual wishes to appeal the decision, ruling, or interpretation rendered by the Executive Director, the following appeal process shall be followed:

Step 1:

The principal of the member school(s) involved must file a written request with the Executive Director for a hearing with the Steering Committee.

Step 2:

The Steering Committee shall review the action of the Executive Director, make a decision, and submit a report to the Board of Control. At such review, all interested parties may appear and discuss the case.

Step 3:

If the parties involved are not satisfied with the ruling of the Steering Committee, they may request, in writing, a hearing before the Board of Control.

Step 4:

The decision by the BOC, after such review, shall be final.


Section 1.

Proposals to amend the Constitution shall be submitted by the designated voter of any member school provided they are filed with the SIJHSAA Executive Director not less than twenty(20) days prior to the consideration by the Board of Control. All proposed amendments to the Constitution recommended by the BOC for final action by the membership must be voted on as provided in Section 2.

Section 2.

All proposals pertaining to the Constitution, and all other matters requiring a vote of the member schools that have been recommended by the BOC for final action, shall be mailed, electronically mailed, or electronically  transmitted to all member schools not more than twenty(20) days after the meeting of the BOC. Ballots for use in voting on such proposals shall be mailed, electronically mailed, or electronically transmitted to all designated voters at that time.  All votes must be re-turned to the SIJHSAA office within thirty(30) days after the meeting of the BOC. Ballots may be submitted to the Executive Director of the SIJHSAA by mail, electronic mail, or electronic transmission. A majority of the votes cast shall be required for the passage of any proposal.

Section 3.

Each amendment to the constitution shall become effective on the date designated by the Board of Control upon passage of said amendment. 

Section 4.

The Board of Control shall have the authority to enact or amend the By-Laws of the organization.  Approval shall be by a majority in attendance of the required quorum of the SIJHSAA Board of Control.


Upon the dissolution of the Association, the BOC shall, after paying or making provisions for the payment of all of the liabilities of the Association, dispose of all the assets of the Association exclusively for the purposes of the Association in such manner, or to such organization(s) organized and operated exclusively for charitable, educational, religious, or scientific purposed as shall at the time qualify as an exempt organization(s) under Section 501©(3) of the International Revenue Code of 1954(or corresponding provisions of any future United States Internal Revenue Law), as the BOC shall determine. Any of such assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by the Circuit Court of the County in which the principal office of the Association is then located, exclusively for such purposes or to such organization(s) as said court shall determine, which are organized and operated exclusively for such purposes.