2020 Volleyball: 153
Class L
Region: 1
Carbondale Middle School, 1550
Carterville Junior High, 1492
Herrin Middle School, 1580
Murphysboro Middle School, 1307
Region: 2
Central Jr. High (West Frankfort), 1078
Harrisburg Middle School, 1290
Marion Junior High, 2422
Massac Junior High (Metropolis), 1441
Region: 3
Benton Grade School, 1104
Casey Middle School (Mt.Vernon), 1362
DuQuoin Middle School, 912
Hamilton County Junior High, 719
Region: 4
Belleville Central Junior High, 1732
Millstadt School, 717
Waterloo Junior High, 1795
West Jr High School (Belleville), 1771
Region: 5
Belle Valley School (Belleville), 1050
Emge Jr. High School, 729
Mascoutah Middle School, 3045
Whiteside Middle School, 1305
Region: 6
Carriel Middle School (O'Fallon), 1913
Collinsville Junior High School, 3972
Fulton Junior High (O'Fallon), 1772
Triad Middle School, 2578
Region: 7
Centralia Junior High, 1176
Highland Middle School, 1865
Salem Franklin Park Middle School, 964
Wesclin Jr. High, 932
Region: 8
Carmi-White County Middle School, 949
Flora Floyd Henson Junior High, 883
Mt.Carmel Middle School, 940
Olney Richland County Middle School, 1438
Class M
Region: 1
Anna Junior High, 628
Creal Springs - Adams School, 399
Goreville , 408
Vienna , 362
Region: 2
Christopher Elementary School, 467
Johnston City Middle School, 682
Unity Point School, 560
Zeigler-Royalton Junior High, 360
Region: 3
Pinckneyville Junior High School, 522
Sesser-Valier Junior High, 408
Sparta Lincoln School, 646
Trico Junior High, 564
Region: 4
Chester Grade School, 603
Dupo Junior High, 682
Red Bud Elementary School, 642
Smithton, 558
Region: 5
Grant Middle School, 564
Joseph Arthur Middle School, 518
Pontiac Jr High School, 646
Wolf Branch Middle School, 690
Region: 6
Lebanon Junior High, 411
Maryville Christian School (Maryville), 409
Shiloh Middle School, 582
St Clare School of O'Fallon, 421
Region: 7
Breese District 12, 588
Carlyle Junior High, 686
Nashville Middle School, 520
Rome Comm. Cons. School, 367
Region: 8
Eldorado Middle School, 709
Fairfield Junior High, 598
Gallatin County Junior High School, 467
Norris City-Omaha-Enfield, 476
Class S
Region: 1
Cairo Junior High School, 198
Century Junior High, 223
Dongola Unit School District 66, 176
Egyptian Middle School, 255
Meridian Middle School (Mounds), 275
Region: 2
Cobden Unit School, 308
Cypress-Buncomb co-op, 186
Hardin County School District, 355
Jonesboro CSD, 341
Lick Creek School, 133
New Simpson Hill School, 215
Shawnee Junior High, 201
Region: 3
Akin , 88
Carrier Mills-Stonefort Jr. High, 284
Crab Orchard Elementary School, 322
Ewing-Northern , 214
Galatia Junior High, 268
Thompsonville , 203
Region: 4
Desoto , 187
Elverado Junior High, 280
Giant City , 209
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Regional Catholic School (OLMC Herrin), 267
St Andrew-Im Luth co-op, 158
Unity Christian School (Energy), 160
Region: 5
Bethel-McClellan co-op, 221
Bluford, 230
Opdyke-Belle Rive , 126
Spring Garden, 234
Summersville Grade School, 259
Wayne City Junior High, 349
Region: 6
Oakdale , 67
Pinckneyville CCSD 204, 145
St Bruno School, 88
Tamaroa Grade School, 87
Waltonville Grade School, 231
Region: 7
Coulterville Unit District, 154
Evansville Attendance Center, 130
Prairie du Rocher CCSD, 112
St John Lutheran (Chester), 88
Steeleville-St.Mark's Lutheran Co-op, 319
Region: 8
Marissa Junior High, 333
New Athens Junior High, 291
St John-Red Bud/Trinity Lutheran-Red Bud/St.Mary's-Chester Co-op, 149
St John's Lutheran (Red Bud), 169
St Lilbory CCSD School, 64
Region: 9
Holy Childhood(Mascoutah), 147
St.James/Millstadt-Notre Dame/Belleville Co-op, 161
St Peter and Paul Catholic School (Waterloo), 186
St Teresa Catholic, 205
Valmeyer Junior High, 282
Region: 10
Albers-Damiansville co-op, 177
Signal Hill Junior High , 289
St Boniface (Edwardsville), 229
St Paul Catholic School (Highland), 176
St Rose Elementary School, 167
Region: 11
All Saints Academy (Breese), 251
Aviston Elementary School, 357
Bartelso Elementary School, 157
Germantown Elementary School, 218
Okawville Jr High , 337
Region: 12
Ashley Grade School , 117
Grand Prairie , 78
Irvington-North Wamac co-op, 185
St Ann School, 58
Trinity Lutheran Hoffman-Hoyleton-Centralia Co-op, 185
TSJ-(Nashville)-Immanuel Lutheran (Okawville) Co-op, 125
Region: 13
Central City School, 340
New Horizon Christian School (Centralia), 136
Odin-ACA (Salem) co-op, 193
Sandoval Junior High, 322
Selmaville , 267
Willow Grove-St.Mary's (Centralia) Co-op, 228
Region: 14
Field C.C.S.D. School, 239
Kell-Farrington Co-op, 159
Raccoon , 203
St Mary's School (Mt. Vernon), 119
Woodlawn , 293
Region: 15
Altamont Lutheran Interparrish School, 171
Iuka Community , 204
Patoka Junior High, 160
St Peter Lutheran School, 65
Trinity Lutheran School (Stewardson), 96
Region: 16
Allendale , 129
Cisne Middle School, 247
Clay City Junior High, 211
Jasper-Geff Co-op, 268
New Hope , 182
St Mary's School (Mt. Carmel), 118
2020 Class S
Region: 1
Organizer: Egyptian Middle School
Cairo Junior High School
Century Junior High
Dongola Unit School District 66
Egyptian Middle School
Meridian Middle School (Mounds)
Region: 2
Organizer: Lick Creek School
Cobden Unit School
Cypress-Buncomb co-op
Hardin County School District
Jonesboro CSD
Lick Creek School
New Simpson Hill School
Shawnee Junior High
Region: 3
Organizer: Akin
Carrier Mills-Stonefort Jr. High
Crab Orchard Elementary School
Galatia Junior High
Region: 4
Organizer: Our Lady of Mount Carmel Regional Catholic School (OLMC Herrin)
Elverado Junior High
Giant City
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Regional Catholic School (OLMC Herrin)
St Andrew-Im Luth co-op
Unity Christian School (Energy)
Region: 5
Organizer: Summersville Grade School
Bethel-McClellan co-op
Opdyke-Belle Rive
Spring Garden
Summersville Grade School
Wayne City Junior High
Region: 6
Organizer: Tamaroa Grade School
Pinckneyville CCSD 204
St Bruno School
Tamaroa Grade School
Waltonville Grade School
Region: 7
Organizer: St John Lutheran (Chester)
Coulterville Unit District
Evansville Attendance Center
Prairie du Rocher CCSD
St John Lutheran (Chester)
Steeleville-St.Mark's Lutheran Co-op
Region: 8
Organizer: St John's Lutheran (Red Bud)
Marissa Junior High
New Athens Junior High
St John-Red Bud/Trinity Lutheran-Red Bud/St.Mary's-Chester Co-op
St John's Lutheran (Red Bud)
St Lilbory CCSD School
Region: 9
Organizer: St Teresa Catholic
Holy Childhood(Mascoutah)
St.James/Millstadt-Notre Dame/Belleville Co-op
St Peter and Paul Catholic School (Waterloo)
St Teresa Catholic
Valmeyer Junior High
Region: 10
Organizer: St Rose Elementary School
Albers-Damiansville co-op
Signal Hill Junior High
St Boniface (Edwardsville)
St Paul Catholic School (Highland)
St Rose Elementary School
Region: 11
Organizer: All Saints Academy (Breese)
All Saints Academy (Breese)
Aviston Elementary School
Bartelso Elementary School
Germantown Elementary School
Okawville Jr High
Region: 12
Organizer: Trinity St John Lutheran School (Nashville)
Ashley Grade School
Grand Prairie
Irvington-North Wamac co-op
St Ann School
Trinity Lutheran Hoffman-Hoyleton-Centralia Co-op
TSJ-(Nashville)-Immanuel Lutheran (Okawville) Co-op
Region: 13
Organizer: Central City School
Host: Sandoval Junior High
Central City School
New Horizon Christian School (Centralia)
Odin-ACA (Salem) co-op
Sandoval Junior High
Willow Grove-St.Mary's (Centralia) Co-op
Region: 14
Organizer: Field C.C.S.D. School
Field C.C.S.D. School
Kell-Farrington Co-op
St Mary's School (Mt. Vernon)
Region: 15
Organizer: Altamont Lutheran Interparrish School
Altamont Lutheran Interparrish School
Iuka Community
Patoka Junior High
St Peter Lutheran School
Trinity Lutheran School (Stewardson)
Region: 16
Organizer: Allendale
Cisne Middle School
Clay City Junior High
Jasper-Geff Co-op
New Hope
St Mary's School (Mt. Carmel)
2020 Class M
Regional meeting date: Mar 04, 2020
Regionals: Mar 17, 2020 - Mar 24, 2020
State: Mar 28, 2020 - Mar 28, 2020
Region: 1
Organizer: Anna Junior High
Anna Junior High
Creal Springs - Adams School
Region: 2
Organizer: Christopher Elementary School
Christopher Elementary School
Johnston City Middle School
Unity Point School
Zeigler-Royalton Junior High
Region: 3
Organizer: Sesser-Valier Junior High
Pinckneyville Junior High School
Sesser-Valier Junior High
Sparta Lincoln School
Trico Junior High
Region: 4
Organizer: Chester Grade School
Chester Grade School
Dupo Junior High
Red Bud Elementary School
Region: 5
Organizer: Pontiac Jr High School
Grant Middle School
Joseph Arthur Middle School
Pontiac Jr High School
Wolf Branch Middle School
Region: 6
Organizer: Lebanon Junior High
Lebanon Junior High
Maryville Christian School (Maryville)
Shiloh Middle School
St Clare School of O'Fallon
Region: 7
Organizer: Nashville Middle School
Breese District 12
Carlyle Junior High
Nashville Middle School
Rome Comm. Cons. School
Region: 8
Organizer: Gallatin County Junior High School
Eldorado Middle School
Fairfield Junior High
Gallatin County Junior High School
Norris City-Omaha-Enfield

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