Top Team is Home light uniforms

SIJHSAA By Law Article IV / Section 6: During all regional and state contests the SIJHSAA prohibits the use of all types of noise-makers, confetti, radios, rally towels, thunder sticks, camera lights, laser lights, and also tripods in the stands. Signs must be no larger than a legal sized sheet of paper. (8 1/2 x 14) If you bring a sign with you take it home when you leave. Body painting materials shall not be administered at games or containers brought on game sites. Body paint may be worn on arms and face. Appropriate shirts must be worn to all events.

Weather related announcements will be posted on the SIJHSAA Website. (www.sijhsaa.com)

Admission: $2.00 Student $5.00 Adult

Cheerleaders: Do not stand directly behind the basket. Maximum of 15 cheerleaders, with no more than 8 on the endline, but all 15 can participate in floor cheers. The cheerleaders may have their shakers, but no shakers for fans or fan clubs.

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