Application for Membership

Application for Membership


Affidavit of Residence

Affidavit of Residence 2021-2022



Jim Burnes Leadership Award Cover Letter 2022

Jim Burnes Leadership Award Instructions

Jim Burnes Leadership Award Verification Form 2022

Jim Burnes Leadership Award Recommendation Form 2022

Rick Franklin Coaching Longevity Award Letter


Official Balls

Rawlings Official Ball of the SIJHSAA 2021-2022

Rawlings PA Announcement for State Games



Baseball Bat Standards 2021

Baseball Bat Examples 2021

Arm Sleeve Clairification 

Softball Bat Rules

Baseball Softball Exceptions to IHSA-NFHS Rules 2021

Pitch Count Rules-Baseball 

        Pitch Count Chart - Baseball



SIJHSAA Exceptions to NFHS Rules 2020-2021

Basketball Mercy Rule

NFHS Basketball Court Diagram

NFHS Equipment Apparel Specifications 2020-2021

NFHS Basketball Rule Changes 2019-2020

2020 RLC State Basketball Tournament Information Sheet



Bowling Return to Play 2021 (1-21-2021)

2020 SIJHSAA Bowling Regional Entry Form

2020 SIJHSAA State Bowling Rules and Regulations


Certified / Non Certified Employee Tuition Waiver Form

Certified / Non Certified Employee Exemption Tuition Waiver Form


Co-operative Teams

Co-op Guidelines

Co-op Agreement Form

Co-op Renewal Form


Concusion Information and Forms

SIJHSAA Concussion Protocol

Concussion Acknowledgement and Consent Form

Post Concussion Consent Form IHSA SIJHSAA

IHSA Concussion Management Program Instructions


Contact Information

School Contact Information Form



Contract for Athletic Contests

Contract for Athletic Officials


Cross Country

2021 SIJHSAA Cross Country Regional Host Information


Eligibility List for All SIJHSAA sponsored althletic events
(coaches should have this completed document at all events)

Eligibility List


Enrollment Form 

Enrollment Form 2021-22



Physical Exam Form

Intent To Play

Intent To Play 2021


Regional Financial Report for All Sports
(Must be returned within 15 days of the conclusion of the Regional Tournament)

Regional Finance Report Form 2021-2022


Regional Host Information

Baseball/Softball Regional Host Information

2021 SIJHSAA Cross Country Regional Host Information

Basketball - Regional Host Information 2020

Starting Line-up Sheets - Basketball

Volleyball Regional Host Information 2020

Public Address Announcements - Emphasize Sportsmanship

SIJHSAA Regional Organizer and Host Instructions for Website


Regional Organizer Information

Regional Meeting Team Season Summary

Regional Meeting Seed Voting Results

Baseball/Softball Regional Organizers Information

Basketball Regional Organizers Information 2020

SIJHSAA By Law Article IV-Sec. 7 (Noisemakers, shakers, etc..)

Volleyball Regional Organizers Information Sheet 2020

SIJHSAA Regional Organizer and Host Instructions for Website


Seeded Regional Tournament Brackets

4 Team Tournament Brackets

5 Team Tournament Brackets

6 Team Tournament Brackets

7 Team Tournament Brackets

8 Team Tournament Brackets

9 Team Tournament Brackets

10 Team Tournament Brackets


SIJHSAA sponsored Track Meet entry forms (both Boys & Girls)

Track Meet Entry Form Boys

Track Meet Entry Form Girls

Track Qualifying Standards


SIJHSAA State Tournament T-Shirts

State Tournament T-Shirt Online Pre-Order Announcement


Sports Medicine

Accommodation Form



Sportsmanship Manual


Transgender Policy

Transgender Policy (revised 10-17-2018)


Unsportsmanlike Conduct Ejection Form

Unsportsmanlike Conduct Ejection Form



Volleyball Return To Play Guidelines 2021 (1-29-2021)

Exceptions to NFHS Volleyball Rules 2020

NFHS Volleyball Rule Changes 2019-20

Libero Tracker Sheet

Volleyball Starting Line-up Sheet