*Individuals interested in becoming sports officials, at any level, in the state of Illinois should contact the IHSA at 309-663-6377.  That is also the proper location to obtain rule books for any/all sports sponsored by the IHSA and SIJHSAA.

*Must use two (2) IHSA licensed officials for baseball, softball, girls basketball, and boys basketball. Minimum of one (1) IHSA licensed official in volleyball. (SIJHSAA sponsored contests) 

*Scheduling officials for Regional and State contests is the responsibility of the host school(s). EXCEPTION: The officials for the State Basketball Tourneys at Rend Lake College shall be scheduled by the Exec. Director.

*A list of suggested officials to choose from (or a list not to use) may be decided upon by the coaches present at the Regional Organizational Meeting.

*EJECTIONS:  Read Article 8,  Section 2 in our By Laws.  When an official ejects someone from any SIJHSAA contest we ask that the official and host school notify our office.  We would expect the notice to be in writing(fax, email, letter, etc.) and include a brief but accurate description of the incident(s) leading to such ejection(s).  The host school may use the Unsportmanlike Conduct Form in the Documents and Forms Section of this website.

*Though officials are tested, licensed, rated, etc. by the IHSA, we certainly appreciate those officials who help our association's member schools by officiating SIJHSAA contests.