PLEASE NOTE:  Your regional meeting or fax/e-mail proces is mandatory and is to be scheduled on the date set forth by the BOC. 


The regional meeting or fax e-mail process is for the purpose of completely setting up the regional tourney or meet.  It is mandatory for every regional school to send a representative to the meeting or participate in the fax/e-mail process.  Each school represented is to be given one vote in all decisions made at the meeting.


Eligibility lists should be collected from each regional team during the meeting and given to the host to keep available throughout the tourney.


Regional decisions are final, assuming they are made in conjunction with the SIJHSAA guidelines.   

The regional organizer is responsible for scheduling the meeting, hosting the meeting, and passing on all the information to the regional host(s).


The regional host of the finals is responsible for contacting the Director's Office with the results.  Our fax is 357-2987 and our phone is 357-2985.  The host of the finals is also responsible for sending the regional financial report to our office.